Affordable Housing Action Plan - 2016

Action Plan Workshop - March 2016

Draft Affordable Housing Action Plan: Public Comment Period Open - CLICK HERE to submit comments.

The Trust’s goal is to utilize the Trust funds strategically – to get the “biggest bang for the buck” -  and it is in the process of preparing an Action Plan.  The Trust has been working with planning consultant Jennifer Goldson of JM Goldson community preservation + planning to develop the five-year Action Plan to guide the Trust’s allocation of trust funds to best meet Grafton’s housing needs and community priorities.  A number of work items such as review of existing documents, stakeholder interviews and meetings with the Trust led to a Community Workshop held on March 3, 2016.  

The Draft Action Plan identifies specific work items, time lines and budget for very specific projects. This is different than the Housing Production Plan which identifies a set of long range strategies and policies towards the desired goal of 10% of all the Town's housing stock to be affordable.  Think of it this way: the Housing Production Plan is the "what can we do" and the Action Plan is the "how are we going to spend the money".