Lake Quinsigamond Refilling

Notification of Refilling

Lake Quinsigamond / Flint Pond

Lake Quinsigamond / Flint Pond located in Shrewsbury, Worcester and Grafton will start to refill after the 2016-2017 Drawdown on or about March 16,   2017.  The exposed bank and bottom is a protected resource under the Wetlands Protection Act.  Filling or dredging is prohibited.  Homeowners may remove trash or debris material using non-mechanical methods. Disposal of the debris is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Debris must be disposed of offsite in accordance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations. Homeowner care should be given to docks and shoreline structures to prevent damage from flowing ice.           

Lake Quinsigamond will be slowly refilled by April 2017.