Zoning Initiatives / Proposed Warrant Articles

Proposed Zoning Articles for Annual Town Meeting

May 8, 2017
7:30 p.m.
Grafton High School Auditorium
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  • ZBL 2017-1 Temporary Moratorium on Recreational Marijuana Establishments: Proposed Amendment to add a new Section 5.11 entitled Temporary Moratorium on Recreational Marijuana Establishments to allow for the Town to consider and adopt zoning bylaws regulating the use of marijuana establishments as defined in M.G.L. 94G.  The moratorium shall be in effect through November 30, 2018 or until such time as the Town adopts Zoning Bylaw amendments that regulate recreational Marijuana Establishment. 
  • ZBL 2017-2 Amend Town of Grafton Zoning Map and Section 11.1 and 11.3.1 of the Chapter 43D Priority Development Site Overlay District: Proposed Amendment to the map entitled “Town of Grafton – Zoning Map” to expand the Office Light Industrial District, Campus Overlay District, and Chapter 43D Priority Development Overlay District to include the area as shown on the map entitled “Proposed Route 30/Institute Road Zoning Map Amendments” dated February 9, 2017 prepared By AppGeo and as shown as Parcel B on the Plan entitled “Plan of Land in the Town of Grafton (Worcester County) Massachusetts” prepared for The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance dated June 21, 2016 and on file with the Town Clerk’s Office, and to amend Section 11.1 and 11.3.1 within the Chapter 43D Priority Development Site Overlay District by striking out “as land situated at 150 Westborough Road (Assessor’s Map 13, Parcel 100), and 105 Westboro Road (Assessor’s Parcel 12, Lot 15), and CenTech Park Lot 3 (Map 5, Lot 1E), and CenTech Park Lot 7 (Map 5, Lot 1H)” and replacing it with “on the Town of Grafton Zoning Map.” 
  • ZBL 2017-3 Fisherville Smart Growth Overlay District Amendments: Proposed Amendment to the Grafton Zoning By-Law Section 10.6.A to add text as follows (new text is underlined):  10.6.A Permitted Uses. The following uses are permitted as of right in the FSGOD, provided that such uses permitted pursuant to Section 10 would not authorize development that, when the development potential of the remainder of the district is calculated, would preclude the district as a whole from accommodating at least 201 residential units, taking into account those eligible units completed or under construction and any remaining units allowed to be built, under the FSGOD regulations

Please see below for Memos to the Board of Selectmen requesting each proposed Zoning By-Law be submitted to the Warrant for Spring Annual Town Meeting.

A complete copy of the text of the proposed Amendments to the Grafton Zoning By-law is on file with the Town Clerk and the Planning Board Office in the Grafton Municipal Center, and may be viewed during normal business hours.

Public Comments can be submitted prior to the close of the public hearing.  Please note that all comments received will be distributed to the Board and posted on the website. CLICK HERE if you would like to submit comments via an on-line form.  

You can also mail comments to the Planning Department, Grafton Memorial Municipal Center, 30 Providence Road, Grafton, MA 01519

What is Zoning?

The Town is divided into zones within which various uses are permitted.  Zoning specifies number and types of uses permitted in each zoning area such as residential, agriculatural, commercial, and industrial.  Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Chapter 40A, known as the Zoning Act, gives cities and towns the authority to adopt ordinances and bylaws to regulate the use of land, buildings and structures.

Zoning in Grafton

The current Zoning By-Law and Zoning Map were adopted at Town Meeting on May 12, 1986 and have since been amended throughout the years.  Grafton is divided into nine primary zones: 3 residential zones, agricultural, community business, neighborhood business, office / light industrial, industrial, and village mixed use.  In additon there are a total of four overlay districts which additonally impact the types of uses allowed in those areas.  Section of the Zoning By-law outlines a wide range of allowed or conditionally permitted uses per zone.
To view the current Zoning By-Law, CLICK HERE.  
To view the current Zoning Map, CLICK HERE.

Planning Board Duties Relating to Zoning Changes

The Planning Board holds public hearings and makes recommendations on proposed zoning amendments. State Law (MGL 40A, Section 5) requires that the Planning Board conduct a public hearing and present its report to Town Meeting on all proposed zoning amendments which have placed on the Town Meeting Warrant. A two thirds vote of Town Meeting is required to pass zoning amendments.