Notary Public and Justice of the Peace Services

Both the Town Clerk and the Assistant Town Clerk are Notaries Public.    If you are a GRAFTON RESIDENT and you need a document notarized, do not sign the document until you are in the presence of the Notary.  Bring updated photo ID.  There is no fee for notarizing a document.

The Town Clerk is also a Justice of the Peace. If you would like to be married, there is a $100 fee (this is in addition to the fee for filing your Marriage Intentions, which is $20 in Grafton).  The wedding can be performed here in the Town Clerk's office, or arrangements can be made with the Town Clerk to perform the wedding off site.  Please call the Town Clerk at 508-839-5335 ext. 1121 to schedule an appointment.  For more information on filing for a marriage license, please click here.