Department of Public Works/Engineering

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The Department of Public Works (DPW) consists of the Administration, Highway, Parks and Cemetery, Engineering, Urban Forestry, Sanitation and Street Lighting Divisions. All the departments have specialized functions but work together to maintain the Town's infrastructure.

The Highway Department maintains approximately 108 miles of public road in the Town of Grafton. The Department consists of the Assistant Superintendent of Streets, Mechanics, Heavy Truck Driver/Equipment Operators, Light Truck/Labors and one Office Manager. They plow snow, repair potholes, maintain street signs, cut brush and trees, clean catch basins, paint traffic lines, pick-up road kill and maintain streets and sidewalks.

The Engineering Division of the DPW oversees inspection of infrastructure projects, administers the NPDES Phase II Permit, maintains plan files and acts as liaison between the Town and some of its Engineering consultants.

Please Note: The Water Districts and Sewer Department are not part of the Department of Public Works. Links on this page are provided for your convenience.