Applications & Submission Information

Note: Important submission information is listed below the Applications.

  1. Application Submission Schedule and Planning Board Meeting Schedule (PDF)
  2. Fee Schedule (PDF) - Required for all Applications except Determination of Completeness.
  3. Certificate of Good Standing (PDF) - Required for all Applications.
  4. Request for Certified Abutters List (PDF) - Required for all Applications except ANR & Determination of Completeness.

Which Application?

The Building Inspector is also the Zoning Enforcement Officer. He interprets the Zoning By-Law to determine how a proposed use meets the requirements of the Grafton Zoning By-Law (PDF) and the Grafton Zoning Map (PDF). He will assist you in determining what permit you will need.

Development Team

If you have a project idea or just want to informally discuss the process before submitting an application, then you might want to attend a Development Team Meeting (PDF) first. Meetings are held every Thursday at the Municipal Center with key staff to assist you. Contact the Planning Department if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment.

Submission Materials

It is highly recommended that you coordinate with the Planning Department staff in advance of submitting an application. Staff can direct and assist you in ways that can save you time and result in a faster process. Conditions for Granting a Special Permit can be found in Section 1.5 and Site Plan Approval Requirements can be found in Section 1.3.3 of the Grafton Zoning By-Law.

All submissions must contain a number of items including Application forms, Certified Abutters List, Certificate of Good Standing, Fees, Project Narrative / Description, Waiver Requests and other items identified by the Zoning By-Law and staff. A certain number of copies are required at the time of submission. Advanced coordination with staff will assist you in knowing what to bring in at the time of submission. This is especially important for large and / or complicated projects.

Submission Dates

Scheduling a public hearing is dependent on a number of factors including publication deadlines and project review by Town Departments. To view the general guidelines for submission of materials as it relates to Planning Board meeting dates and publication dates, view the 2024 Meeting Dates and Submission Schedule.

Development Projects Web Page

Each application submitted is posted on the Town's website on the Development Projects page. These project pages contain application materials, comments received from Town Departments, as well as, the general public, outlines the permitting process including public hearing meeting dates and Decisions (draft and final) made by the Board. Applicants are encouraged to review incoming comments to prepare for their public hearing.

Public Hearing

Applicants will be assigned a hearing date and abutters will be notified so that people can attend and ask questions. Either the Applicant or a representative must be present to discuss the application with the Board. Meetings are broadcast live on Grafton Community Television and past meetings can be viewed using the GCTV Video on Demand feature. The meeting room is equipped for electronic presentations. The Applicant can bring their own laptop or a flash drive for staff to upload. Please coordinate with staff in advance of your public hearing.