Cancer Insurance

The expenses associated with a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Even with a good medical plan, the out-of-pocket costs of cancer treatment, such as loss of income, travel, and childcare, can be considerable and may not be covered. Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance offers a solution to help you focus your attention on recovering. Plans are available that help with out-of-pocket costs often associated with a cancer diagnosis.

How the Plan Works

This plan is specially designed to help with some of the costs of cancer, with more than 30 plan benefits available for the treatment of cancer.


  • Preventative Care Benefit: Receive an annual benefit for undergoing a routine cancer screening test, which can help with early detection.
  • Three Coverage Options: Choose from Individual, Single Parent Family, or Family coverage. You choose the coverage that best fits your lifestyle and financial needs.

Please note: Limitations, exclusions and waiting periods may apply. This product is inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage.