Notary Public Services

Notary SealNotary Public Services are available with the Building Department, Town Clerk and Town Administrator Offices during regular business hours for Grafton residents only. Please call or email prior to coming in to make an appointment and to ensure that we are able to notarize the documents you have. Please refer to the Notary Guidelines for Notary Services with the Town of Grafton (PDF).

Local banks and the Grafton Public Library also have notaries available.

The individual who is having their signature notarized must have proper identification.

All documents to be notarized have to be signed in the presence of the notary public and must be completed in full before notarization. Please make sure to have all forms with you, not just the page requiring notarization.


A notary public who is not an attorney licensed to practice law in the commonwealth shall not conduct a real estate closing and shall not act as a real estate closing agent; provided, however, that a notary public who is employed by an attorney so licensed may notarize a document in conjunction with a real estate closing conducted by the attorney and a notary public who is employed by a lender may notarize a document in conjunction with the closing of such lender's real estate loans.

See laws regarding notaries public.

The fee for Notary Services is $1.25 per signature (MGL Ch.262 sec.41) - currently we do not charge.