Mission Statement & Office Responsibilities

Mission Statement

The Grafton Treasurer/Collector's Office is committed to achieving a high standard of service to the public and municipal employees in the administration of all revenues and expenses for the Town of Grafton. The systems and procedures in place represent the best use of staffing and most cost-efficient use of resources available to the Treasurer/Collector's Office.

Office Responsibilities

The Treasurer/Collector's Office collects the revenues of the town and pays vendors and payroll per the town warrants. All municipal funds are deposited and invested using the principles of Security, Liquidity, and Yield.

The Treasurer/Collector's Office is responsible for borrowing for capital projects as authorized by Town Meeting. Tax Title is monitored and properties are foreclosed on when collection efforts are exhausted. The resulting tax possessions are offered to town departments considered for "open space" or otherwise are available for public auction.

Certificates of Municipal Liens are prepared as requested by the general public or their attorneys. Likewise, sewer betterment releases are prepared as final payments are received.