Community Preservation Act Surcharge

The Town of Grafton, through Town Meeting vote, has accepted Chapter 44B Sections 3-7 and now assesses a 1.5% surcharge on real property taxes annually beginning Fiscal Year 2003. This surcharge will fund open space acquisition, affordable housing and historic preservation projects.

Exempt from the surcharge will be property owned and occupied as a domicile by a person who would qualify for low-income housing or low- to moderate-income senior housing, and the first 100,000 of the real estate assessed valuation of all Class One residential parcels.

If you qualify for the senior or widow exemptions already, you will most likely qualify for this exemption too.

This surcharge will be billed on the same schedule as the property taxes, quarterly, with the same due dates and on the same bill.

If you feel you may qualify for one of the exemptions for this surcharge, contact the Board of Assessors. We will be able to tell you the annual income limit to qualify. See the Community Preservation Act (CPA) Exemption Application (PDF).