Stormwater Management Program (SWMP)

Think Blue Flyer and Rubber DuckStormwater is runoff water resulting from precipitation. As it flows over land, it picks up litter, chemicals, and other debris. After entering the storm drains, these pollutants are then deposited into our waterways.

Everyone can do their part to reduce the potential amount of pollution entering into stormwater in various ways. Please see the numerous resource below for more information on how you can help. Keeping stormwater clean keeps our waterways clean. As a result, we can all enjoy cleaner water for drinking, recreation, and the protection of wildlife.

Reports Available for Public Comment

Stormwater Management Plan

Town of Grafton Stormwater Management Plan (PDF)

In compliance with the Town of Grafton's MS4 Permit, the Town has prepared its Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP). The SWMP describes the activities and measures, or Best Management Practices (BMPs), that Grafton will implement to meet the terms and conditions of the permit. The SWMP is intended to be a "living document", which Grafton will update and/or modify during the permit term as new information is developed or Grafton's activities are modified, changed, or updated to meet permit conditions. Grafton will assess the need for SWMP updates as part of the Annual Evaluation to be completed, along with the Annual Report, by the end of September each year.

Illicit Discharge Detection Elimination Plan

Town of Grafton Illicit Discharge Detection Elimination Plan (PDF)

In compliance with the Town's MS4 Permit, the Town has prepared its Illicit Discharge Detection Elimination Plan (IDDE). The IDDE Plan establishes a program to systematically find and eliminate sources of non-stormwater discharges to its municipal separate storm sewer system and implement procedures to prevent such discharges.

Both reports are available for viewing and commenting on by the public. Comments should be emailed to Stormwater.

For questions regarding stormwater, email us at Stormwater.

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