Hassanamesit Woods

Hassanamesit Woods

Hassanamesit Woods has a story to tell that stretches over hundreds of years. The site bridges the meeting of two cultures on Keith Hill in Grafton and connects them to a specific natural landscape. Once the site of a "praying Indian village," Hassanamesit's complex history and remarkable resources include an archaeological record, documented ownership by Nipmuc Indians through the 19th century, and an evolving agricultural and natural landscape that reflects its human uses.

The property at Hassanamesit Woods is overseen through a joint venture of the Grafton Conservation Commission and the Grafton Historical Commission, who partner together to ensure that both the land and the history are preserved for future generations.

Use this webpage to explore the past and the present. You will find histories, trail guides, and a wealth of background information-everything you need to make your visit to Hassenamesit Woods a rich educational experience. Take a virtual walk - and then a real walk!

See photos of Hassenamesit Woods and some of the archaeological finds that have been discovered there.

Map of Keith Hill

"Indian House" Shown on Map of Keith Hill, circa 1831