Worcester Street Conceptual Roadway Layout Study

Snow Road to Carroll Road

Worcester Street Map - Conceptual Roadway Layout StudyThe Town of Grafton along with its consultants, VHB, have been collecting information on potential roadway improvements along Worcester Street between Snow Road and Carroll Road.

Public Forum

A public forum was held on August 11, 2016 with over 60 people in attendance. Participants were asked to review the project area in four sections and provide comments. Small groups reviewed the plans and presented their ideas to Town staff and the consultants. Issues discussed included pedestrian safety, curb cuts, traffic flow, vehicle conflicts, traffic signals, bicycle lanes, turning lane configurations, and alternative parking concepts, Other ideas beyond the actual scope of work for roadway improvements included potential zoning changes, signage, streetscape improvements and design standards for future new construction.

Information gathered will be used to develop some concepts and plans that will eventually be presented to the State for consideration of funding and project development. 

Please note: this is the very early fact-finding stage of the planning process. No immediate plans are ready for submission to the State. There will be additional opportunities for public input as the work progresses.

Please contact the Planning Department at 508-839-5335, ext. 1120 if you have any questions. Thank you.

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