Norcross Park Inclusive Playground

Thank you for your support! May Town Meeting approved funding for this project. Completion date is anticipated to be Spring 2024.

Please read below for details on the project including need, amenities, timing, and funding. Please contact the Recreation Department with questions or for further information.

Project Description

This project consists of the installation of an inclusive playground at Norcross Park. An inclusive play space welcomes people of all abilities to play, learn, and grow together; a place that goes beyond minimum accessibility to create play experiences that meet a variety of needs and interests.

The current playground is in need of a replacement for the age 2-5 structure damaged in a storm in the spring of 2022 and the age 5-12 structure at the end of its useful life. The timing is fortuitous to improve, expand and upgrade play opportunities at the largest and most central playground in town. It would additionally streamline resources to fund design, equipment purchase/freight and installation all at once which avoids duplicating efforts, extending the timeline and closure of the playground, and increasing the cost.

Needs Met

1. This project meets all six of CPC’S general evaluation criteria by:

  • Being consistent with the Community Preservation Plan and other Town and regional plans (ie. The Town’s Open Space and Recreation Plan, the Town’s ADA transition plan, the State’s OSRP);
  • Being highly visible and accessible as it is off the center of town, close to the road, ADA compliant, accessible, and inclusive;
  • Being part of the expanding vision surrounding the center of town;
  • Serving a currently underserved population (those with physical, cognitive, developmental, learning, and/or neurological differences);
  • Leveraging funding from other sources (capital budget, grant opportunity);
  • Demonstrating cost-sensitivity with CPA funding; 

2. This project meets goals and priorities of the category specific criteria for Open Space and Recreation by:

  • Expanding and improving recreation facilities to serve Grafton residents of all ages and abilities
  • Expanding opportunities for active recreation.

3.  This project not only replaces the damaged and out of commission ages 2-5 equipment but also the remaining aged equipment. The new playground improves and expands equipment and opportunities for all, and more importantly, the ADA accessible and inclusive needs of the community.

4. Additionally, it:

  • Meets all five overall priorities of the CPC Plan goals.
  • Meets Grafton OSRP goals by increasing recreation opportunities for a variety of user groups and special populations including handicapped persons.
  • Meets State OSRP goals of access for underserved population and offering amenities that go above and beyond ADA requirements for people with disabilities.
  • Meets ADA transition plan objectives by adding ground and fully accessible components to this playground.


This renovated and upgraded playground would offer equipment for ages 6 months – 12 years. This would be the first location in town to offer equipment for ages 6-24 months. Additionally, it would offer accessible and inclusive components including poured in place rubber surfacing, multiple stand-alone play pieces, and an inclusive spinner, as well as seating, and a shade structure.

Budget Summary

Total Project Cost (Equipment, Materials, Amenities, Installation): $397,691.83

 -     Other Funds Total: $170,000 (42.75% of total cost = $10,000 in kind work, $100,000 capital budget, $60,000 insurance payout)

=   CPA Funds* Requested: $227,691.83

*About CPA Funds: Community Preservation Funds can only be spent on projects pertaining to: open space, historic preservation, affordable housing, and recreation. Residents are assessed a 1½% surcharge on their property tax which contributes to the funds. 

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