How long is a Title V inspection good for?

The following is an excerpt taken from 310 CMR 15.000:

15.301: System Inspection

Inspection at Time of Transfer. Except as provided in 310 CMR 15.301(2), 15.301(3), and 15.301(4), a system shall be inspected at or within two years prior to the time of transfer of title to the facility served by the system. An inspection conducted up to three years before the time of transfer may be used if the inspection report is accompanied by system pumping records demonstrating that the system has been pumped at least once a year during that time. If weather conditions preclude inspection at the time of transfer, the inspection may be completed as soon as weather permits, but in no event later than six months after the transfer, provided that the seller notifies the buyer in writing of the requirements of 310 CMR 15.300 through 15.305. A copy of the complete inspection report shall be submitted to the buyer or other person acquiring title to the facility served by the system.

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