How do I start taking the senior bus?

It's easy! Call the Grafton Senior Center and let us know your needs. We will cheerfully accommodate you if at all possible. If you are over age 60 and a Grafton resident, or if you are a disabled Grafton resident of any age, you are eligible to use the WRTA senior bus. We will gladly send you out some information on the scheduling as well as bus rules and regulations. It will pick you up right in your driveway. Call 508-839-9242 at least 48 hours in advance or as much as several weeks in advance to secure your ride. If you are wheelchair-bound, a companion is required. The Senior Center may also require a companion in other circumstances if deemed necessary. Cost is $1.25 cents each way in Town and $1.50 to $1.75 each way out of Town.

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