Conservation Lands & Trails

There are over 940 acres of town-owned conservation land in Grafton.  Some of the properties have established trail systems for the public to enjoy.  Others do not, but they still provide important wildlife habitat.  The Conservation Commission is responsible for managing these lands.  The Grafton Land Trust, the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, and the Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game also own and manage open spaces in Grafton.

The Commission and staff are currently in the process of updating the information pertaining to the Conservation Lands in Grafton.

This page will continue to be updated with more information.

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Conservation Lands Map

Click a link in the table below for more information on a specific property:

Properties with Trails:Properties without Trails:
Bridle Ridge / North Grafton Estates Open Space4 Airport Road
Brookmeadow Village Open Space*Cider Mill Pond
Great Meadow63 Creeper Hill Road
Hassanamesit Woods80 Creeper Hill Road
Hennessey IFay Acres Open Space
Mazza Farms Open Space43 Fitzpatrick Road
Merriam Road Conservation Area8 Joys Road
Pell Farm*Lake Ripple Dam & John Wilson Memorial Boat Ramp
Peters Estates Open SpaceMaplevale Estates Open Space
*Silver LakeRosewood Estates Open Space
 39 Snow Road / Greany Land
 *14 Sunset Lane
 240 Upton Street / Taft Parker Prescott
 22 Rear Vincent Road

*Canoe/kayak access available