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The Town of Grafton has attained designation as a Green Community from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by taking the following steps:

  1. Adopting "as-of-right" zoning for renewable or alternative energy research and development and manufacturing facilities
  2. Establishing an expedited permitting process for those facilities
  3. Establishing the Town's baseline energy usage and adopting an Energy Reduction Plan to reduce that usage by 20% within 5 years
  4. Adopting a fuel efficient vehicle policy to procure fuel efficient vehicles as defined by the EPA
  5. Adopting the "Stretch Code" which requires new construction to minimize its life-cycle cost by utilizing energy efficiency, water conservation, and other renewable or alternative energy technologies

This designation was accompanied by $157,485 in grant money to implement energy reduction measures outlined in the Energy Reduction Plan in order to work towards the Town's goal of a 20% energy usage reduction within 5 years.  The projects which the Town accomplished with this initial round of grant funding were:

  1. Municipal Center lighting retrofit
  2. Municipal Center weatherization
  3. High School energy management system upgrade
  4. Police Station lighting retrofit
  5. Conversion of town-owned street lights to LED

These projects will result in an annual energy savings of 301,145 kWh and 12,563 therms, as well as an annual cost savings of $58,991.  Collectively, they account for a 3.87% energy usage reduction toward the Town's 20% goal.

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If you have any questions, click here to email the Green Communities Coordinator, Leah Cameron

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