Trash & Recycling & Simple Recycling


All Recycling must be in the EL Harvey Toter. Toters have been delivered to residents at no cost for the first toter. Toters must remain with the property.

Recycling Toters are available through EL Harvey and Sons, Inc. by calling 1-800-321-3002.

If you have recycling questions, you may call the Grafton Selectmen's Office at (508) 839-5335 ext. 1180.


2017 - 2019 Trash & Recycling Calendar


2015-2017 Trash & Recycling Flyer

2015-2017 Recycling Schedule



Simple Recycling


Grafton Residents can reycle unwanted clothing, shoes and home goods with free, curbsid pick up on your REGULAR recycling day only.  This program is in addition to your current recycling program.  Acceptable items include:  all types of clothing, shoes and accessories. Home goods such as kitchenware, books, toys etc. If you need additional bags you may visit or call 866-835-5068 or email

Hazardous Waste Information
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Locations for Recycling or Repurposing items


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