"Grafton Works" Hunter's Grill and Tap

Video Interviews with Successful Local Business Owners

Grafton is a great place to do business!  The beauty of the Town is second only to the wonderful people who work and live here.  Grafton is home to a number of very successful businesses.  Some of the business owners have lived here all or most of their lives.  They add to the rich fabric of the Town through their commitment to being and staying "local".

Grafton Community Television (GCTV) has produced video interviews with a number of our local business owners.  To view any of the previously recorded interviews, follow these easy steps:

  1. CLICK HERE to view the GCTV Video On Demand web page.
  2. Select the "Playlists" tab.
  3. Locate and select the "Grafton Works" link in the menu.
  4. Choose the a video from the list.

We hope you enjoy the interviews and meeting some of our Town's successful business owners.  Check back later - more inteviews to come!  If you have any questions, please contact Grafton Community Television at (508) 839-2983 or send email an email to GCTV@GraftonTV.org.  Thank you.

Episode 7 with Jay Hunter of Hunters Grille and Tap, at the Grafton Inn