1. What is Grafton Community Television and what channels are GCTV on?

Grafton Community Television started in 1984 when the cable television system was first licensed in Grafton.
GCTV is responsible for coordinating all types of access television in Grafton.


Grafton Community Television provides programming on three cable access television channels in Grafton,MA. 
Public Channel -            Charter 191 or Verizon 34  
Government Channel - Charter 192 or Verizon 33

Education Channel -     Charter 194 or Verizon 32


2. Where is the Grafton Community Television Studio located?

The Grafton Community Television Studio and offices are located at 26 Providence Road in South Grafton.
Hours:  Monday through Thursday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM .


3. Does Grafton Community Television produce TV shows for all three PEG channels?

Programming for GCTV, is routinely provided by Grafton's volunteer Access Producers, who have taken the GCTV Production Course.  
Any Grafton resident, town employee, or local business owner may submit programming for GCTV. For more information call 508-839-5335  X1174
Programming for Grafton's Government and Education Channels is provided subject to the discretion of the Town Government and
School Departments.


4. Are there any restrictions as to what can air on Grafton Community Television?
Grafton Community Television is a forum for free expression by the residents of Grafton. 
Grafton residents are free to say or do anything he or she wants on their own GCTV program, provided that they can assure us that their program does not contain any illegal content.
Illegal content is defined as:

(i) direct solicitation for funds;                
(ii) advertising designed to promote the sale of commercial products or services including advertising promoting candidates for public office;
(iii) a lottery or any advertising or information concerning a lottery;  and  
(iv) any obscene or indecent material.
Government and Education programming are owned by Grafton Town Government and School Department and what plays on those channels is completely up to their discretion.


5. How do I submit a program to air on Grafton Community Television?
To request that a program be played on GCTV, call 508-839-5335  X1174.

6. What video formats will Grafton Community Television accept for playback?
For more information call 508-839-5335  X1174.


7. Who can borrow equipment and use the facilities at Grafton Community Television?
Any Grafton resident age 18 or older who has completed the GCTV Television Production Course may borrow equipment.
The equipment may only be used in conjunction with a program being created for Grafton Community Television. 

please click here to see the Cable Television Oversight Committee's Under 18 Access Usage Policy.

8. Who can use the Community Bulletin Board? How do I submit notices for the Community Bulletin Board?
Submitting notices to the Grafton Community Television Bulletin Board is easy.  Email your bulletin board announcement to
gctv11@gmail.com with the tag line -  "For the GCTV Bulletin Board"  or call 508-839-5335  X1174.


9. Can I see Grafton Community Television programming outside of Grafton?
The best way to view our programming is:
GCTV Video on Demand page
GCTV Streaming page

10. Can I get a copy of a program I watched on Grafton Community Television?
To obtain a copy of a program you have seen call 508-839-5335  X1174.