Grafton Sustainability Commission

Grafton Sustainability - Charge

Be it resolved that the Grafton Board of Selectmen hereby establish the formation of the Grafton Sustainability Commission (GSC), an advisory committee which shall include nine total members, including two members of each the School Committee, Finance Committee, and Board of Selectmen.  The School Committee and Finance Committee shall determine their members at their sole discretion.  Those five members shall constitute the GSC’s Execute Committee, and are empowered to appoint by majority vote four additional members of the Grafton community as they see fit to accomplish the committee’s charge.

The GSC will be advisory in nature, and is charged with assisting in planning for additional tactics and strategies to improve the Town’s future fiscal years including offering guidance to the Executive (Select Board) and School Committee branches of Grafton’s government. The GSC will do so by helping to define the choices facing Grafton with respect to municipal and educational service levels and their long term funding requirements and identify, within this context, innovative ways of increasing short-and long term operational efficiency and effectiveness, and identify new or enhanced sources of funding for Town services. As part of its overall review, the GSC should look at the assumptions about revenues and expenditures to determine if the forecast of the next five years is within the range or reasonable projections and if adjustments should be made on what basis.  The GSC will provide research, comparables, forecasts, and ultimately will provide Grafton with key information that Grafton government can draw upon to make key long term fiscal decisions in the future.

The GSC will, with the assistance of the Town Administrator’s office and the Superintendent’s office, research benchmarking, income analysis, and spending analysis, to ultimately determine and make recommendations upon the sustainability of the services that Grafton residents rely upon.

It's report shall be completed no later than January 1, 2020.

Board Members

Name Title
Edward Prisby Chairman
Mark Haddad Vice Chairman
Amy Marr Clerk
Barry Smith
Angie Correia
Colleen Roy
Martin Jahn
Pamela Hill
Laura Didio