Press Release - Limited Soy Trial on Creeper Hill Road

Grafton Sign

The Town of Grafton is aware of the persistent issues surrounding foul odors in the area of Creeper Hill Road, and throughout the Town. The Town Administrator’s Office has been working alongside the Board of Health and Feedback Earth to work towards a solution to the smell.

On Thursday, December 2, 2021, Feedback Earth will be running a trial run with a soy product, beginning at noon and lasting approximately two hours. They will be testing different natural de-odorizing chemical agents on the product to find an effective solution. Representatives of the do-odorizing system company will be on-site to ensure efficient and effective testing.

Feedback Earth will have multiple staff around their property, and the entire town if necessary, to test the efficiency of each de-odorizing method. If any parties involved notice charring or issues with the process, the trial will be interrupted.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Divisions of Air Quality and Division of Solid Waste will be on-site to monitor this testing.

If you have any concerns about this trial, please contact the Grafton Board of Health via email at

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