Press Release - Select Board Re-Establishes Assistant Town Administrator Position; Appoints William Blake to the Role

Town Seal

At the scheduled meeting of the Grafton Select Board on June 21, 2022, the Board voted unanimously to re-establish the position of Assistant Town Administrator and to affirm the appointment of William Blake to the position, effective July 1, 2022.  

Mr. Blake has worked for the Town since January 2021, as the Management Analyst and Communications Specialist in the Town Administrator’s Office. In this position, he worked closely with the Town Administrator and the Board on improving communication, as well as creating and updating town policies. Moving into his new position he will play a greater role in the overall operations of Grafton’s government and will continue to support the Town Administrator and Board in executing their vision.

Mr. Blake has prior experience working with both State agencies and Municipalities. He holds a Masters in Public Administration as well as a Masters in Political Science from Suffolk University.

When asked about re-establishing the position, Mr. Evan Brassard, Town Administrator, stated “We have discussed re-establishing this position throughout the budget process, both at the Select Board level and at the Finance Committee. There is a clear value to having this position in the Office. William has shown great skill in his current role, and I have no doubt about his continued success in the new position.

When discussing the appointment, Mr. Mat Often, Vice Chair of the Select Board, stated “William is one of the most passionate, well-educated people that I know, who is very excited about Municipal Government which is not something that you run across too often. Everything that I have seen from William has been fantastic, so I am in full support of this.”

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