FY2019 Municipal Operating Budget

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Below you can click the tab to access each section of the FY19 Municipal Operating Budget.  The budget is a 250+ page document broken down into 8 sections, or tabs.  The cover page and table of contents will help you navigate which tab contains the information you are seeking.  Thank you to all the town staff, elected officials, volunteers, and citizens who take part in the budget making and ratifying process each year.  We look forward to FY19 and beyond. 


Cover & Table of Contents 
Tab 1 - Citizens Guide to the BudgetTab 2 - Budget Table & At-a-Glance
Tab 3 - Budget OverviewTab 4 - Departmental Line Item Budgets
Tab 5 - Policies & GlossaryTab 6 - Capital Budget
Tab 7 - School Department Budget Tab 8 - Long-Range Financial Projections