Health Insurance Benefits

The Town of Grafton carries its health insurance coverage through the Group Insurance Commission (GIC). The GIC offers many comprehensive options at an affordable price. Please see the links below for additional information on the available plans and how to enroll.

NOTE: the GIC imposes a 60-day waiting period for newly hired employees who enroll in a GIC health plan to become covered under a GIC health plan referred to as the "Hiatus Period". If you as a new employee incur a medical expense(s) during the Hiatus Period that in sum exceeds the full-cost health insurance premium of the GIC selected plan for the Hiatus, you may file a written request to the GIC for approval of health coverage to become effective retroactive to the first day of employment.

GIC Rates FY18

Health Insurance Documents

Please direct all health insurance related questions to Joan Chase, Human Resources Analyst, at (508) 839-5335 ext. 1129.