Life, Disability & Other Insurance

The Town offers disabilty and other optional insurances to employeees through two different vendors. The Town does not contribute to these premiums.

Boston MutualSarah GruhinEmail508-839-5335 x1168
American FidelityNate HowellEmail(413) 636-1018

Basic life insurance is offered to all benefited employees through Boston Mutual Life Insurance Co. The Town covers 50% of the premium costs for the first $5,000 for life and $2,000 for AD&D. Upon retirement the benefit is reduced to $2,000 – life and $2,000 – AD&D.

Please return the signed & completed Boston Mutual form. If you would like to waive the life and AD&D insurance please complete the waiver section on the bottom of the form.

Additional life or disability insurance are available, employee absorbs all additional costs.

Additional/Optional Insurances