Open Space & Recreation Community Meeting

Open Space & Recreation Community Meeting
Thursday, October 26 - 7:00pm
Millbury St. Elementary School Cafeteria, 105 Millbury St., Grafton
Residents are invited to participate in a public forum to discuss open space and recreation needs for the town.
Upon arrival to the meeting, you'll be able to view the goal and strategies from the 2007 OSRP Plan. Participants will be given a set of stickers and be asked to place the stickers besides goals and strategies they think the town should focus on most. 
A short presentation will then be conducted by the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Committee to provide a more comprehensive overview of the project, process, purpose, and history. There will additionally be a review of the OSRP Survey Results. Click Here to take the survey. The survey closes on September 29.
Breakout groups will then be formed to identify parcels of priority and areas of town to focus on. Maps will be available showing protected areas, conservation land, unprotected lands, etc. to discuss 4 topic areas; open space for recreation and preservation, scenic routes and spots, playgrounds/fields/facilities, and connectivity.
Reports will be given by spokespeople on each group's discussion and allow feedback from all participants. 
Closing remarks will be given by a committee member to conclude the meeting. Meeting length is expected to be approximately 2 hours.