Select Board

If you have any questions, comments or concerns and would like to send them to the Board of Selectmen, please do so using the link below. If you are sending general Correspondence to the Select Board, it must be submitted by noon on the Friday before a meeting to be included in the Meeting Packet. Any correspondence received after this deadline will be included in the Packet for the following meeting.

Email the Select Board

The Board also holds a Public Comment session at the beginning of each meeting for discussion of items not included in the Agenda. If you would like to bring something before the Board, use the Raise Hand function on Zoom and the Chairman will bring you into the meeting to be recognized. Once your have finished your comment, you will be returned to participant status.

The Select Board consists of five members elected for a three-year term on a staggered basis.  The executive powers of the town shall be vested in the Select Board which shall be deemed to be the Chief Executive Office of the Town.  The Select Board shall have all of the executive powers it is possible for a Select Board to have and to exercise.  The Select Board shall serve as the chief policy making agency of the Town. Each Selectperson receives a salary of $1,000 per year.

The Board appoints certain personnel and citizens to serve on various town boards, issues a variety of licenses, and is responsible for preparing the Annual Town Report. The Annual Town Report is free and available on election day at each precinct or throughout the year at the Town Clerk’s office.

The Select Board generally meets on the first, second, and third Tuesdays of the month.  The meetings are broadcast live on Cable TV Channel 192 (Charter) and Channel 33 (Verizon).  You can view the meeting as it is broadcast live from Grafton Community Television (GCTV) Live Streaming webpage or watch past meetings from the GCTV Video On Demand webpage.



Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Joann Duncan 508-839-5335 x 1180