Grafton Community Park Project: A Place to Be Together

Update: This project was not approved at Town Meeting in 2020 and has now stalled.

Annual Town Meeting is June 20, 2020 and two funding articles for this project, sponsored by the Community Preservation Committee, are on the Warrant. We are asking for your support. Please ask questions, get informed, and get involved!


A Large, Centralized, Inclusive, Accessible and ADA Compliant Park for all Ages, Needs, and Abilities

Town Meeting Proposal includes a Playground, Picnic Pavilion, Walking Path, Open Lawn, & Dedicated Parking

Possible Future Expansion and Amenities Based on Community Outreach and Funding


SuperParkThe proposed Grafton Community Park, an iteration of what many people have become to know as 'SuperPark', will be accomplishing the original goals of the former 'SuperPark' proposal, but on a broader scale, expanding who can benefit, while giving it new life and shedding new light on the ultimate goal; to create a large, centralized space where ALL members of our community feel welcome, and have a place to grow, play, and be together, while encouraging the appreciation of the outdoors and each other.

The Grafton Community Park is planned to be a large, centralized, inclusive, accessible, and ADA compliant playground and park for all ages, needs, and abilities. The proposal with request for funding at Town Meeting would include a playground, picnic pavilion, walking path, open lawn, and dedicated parking.

The playground would be a universal playground, which would provide for the developmental needs of the whole child (every child) – physical, cognitive, communicative, social/emotional, and sensory. A universally accessible play environment is one that not only meets ADA requirements; it means an environment with inclusionary play areas that are designed for all children of all abilities and their families. Universally and inclusively designed playground environments are desired not only by families with children who have disabilities, but for community enhancement, overall; beautiful parks attract residents and businesses, and enhance property values.

Possible future expansion and amenities would be determined by public outreach and funding and include ideas such as additional play structures, restroom structure, splash pad, multi-sport court, outdoor fitness area, additional walking trails and open lawn, and nature trails and boardwalk.

Click on the links below to learn more about the history of this project and what is being presented at June Town Meeting:


Park Playground    Park Design   Park Pavilion


Grafton Community Park