The original 'SuperPark' playground was built in the 1980's. It was constructed of treated lumber, tires, metal slides and peat rock. It was immensely popular. It had been refurbished at some point, but by 2010, it was ready for another refurbishment. The SuperPark was removed in 2010 to make way for the new High School. The skate park located behind the municipal center was also removed at the time. A promise was made to relocate it but the promise didn't include a funding source. 

The first SuperPark committee was established at this time. The committee did a lot of excellent work. They examined possible locations, discussed types of equipment and developed the idea that this new play structure should be inclusive for kids of all abilities to play together.  The committee identified the parcel at 25 Worcester Street as the best site. Through CPC, the SuperPark committee secured $34,000 at Fall 2012 Town Meeting. The Board of Selectman at the time were hesitant to use the Worcester Street parcel and the project came to a halt. 

In 2014, the SuperPark committee was reformed. The location was changed to the Perrault property that was acquired by the Town for a possible library expansion.  The parcel is large enough to accommodate both an expanded library and a playground/park. The committee worked on a plan to build a fully accessible playground on that site. In May of 2015, the committee successfully secured $100,000 in CPC monies but failed to secure $143,000 in town funds that were remaining from the construction of the new Fire Station. In the fall of 2015, Town Meeting approved the appropriation of $290,000 from the release of tax overlay monies for the construction of the SuperPark. 

The committee was hopeful that they would be able to complete the project while keeping the costs as low as possible. A phased approach was used but it became clear that the initial estimates for the site work were low and the cost of the construction of a parking lot was too high. There was not enough funding for both a parking lot and the first phase of the playground equipment.  Approximately $15,000 was spent for engineering and survey work, leaving a balance of $275,000 in that allocation.  Around this time, planning for the library was progressing. It was decided to wait until more was known about the library. Would the Town support an expansion? What would it look like? How much of the parcel is needed for the library? Sharing the parking area and other amenities would also help with the overall cost of replacing SuperPark. During this period of waiting, the $100,000 allocated in CPC funds sunsetted. This means that the CPC allows projects 2 years to spend the allocated money and if it is not spent, it returns to CPC to be used for other projects. 

The last committee meeting was held in 2016, and after not meeting for over a year, the committee was disbanded as per the committee's charge. 

Once the library had finalized the construction plans, the project was put into the hands of town staff and the Recreation commission in the fall of 2019 to see what needed to be done to get the project started again.

Please Click Here to Visit the Recreation Department's SuperPark Complex Project page for information on the status of the project.