Together We Can

Together We Can was established by the Board of Selectmen on August 6, 1996 as authorized by Section 3-2(b) of the Town Charter.


The community of Grafton will, through a group effort of families, youth, schools, police, adults and concerned citizens, organize activities and programs to reduce or eliminate the risk factors facing the community (such as drugs, alcohol and violence), establish a plan of accountability and create an outcome where our community groups come together as one for this purpose.

There are nine members who are appointed annually by the Board of Selectmen and are to include representation from the following organizations:

  1. Board of Selectmen - 1 member
  2. School Department - 1 member
  3. Police Department - 1 member
  4. Business Community - 1 member
  5. Church / Civic Community - 1 member
  6. Member of High School - 2 members, elected
  7. Members at Large - 2 members