Town of Grafton Home Rule Charter

Amended by Town Election
May 5, 2008

Document includes the Final Report of the Grafton Charter Commission with the following information:

  • Statement of Major Differences
  • Explanation of Proposed New Charter
  • Changes mad Since Publishing the Preliminary Report
  • Conclusions

The amended Town Charter replaces the previously published "Final Report and Town Charter" prepared by the Grafton Charter Commission and voted upon at the May 4, 1987 Town Election.

Entire Document

Town of Grafton Home Rule Charter (40 pages)

Table of Contents

Cover and Table of Contents (4 pages)

Final Report

Final Report Grafton Charter Commission (6 pages)

Article 1

Incorporation, Short Title Powers (1 page)

Article 2

Legislative Branch (3 pages)

Article 3

Elected Officials (6 pages)

Article 4

Town Administrator (4 pages)

Article 5

Administrative Organization (3 pages)

Article 6

Finance and Fiscal Procedures (3 pages)

Article 7

General Provisions (5 pages)

Article 8

Transitional Provisions (6 pages)