Poll Pad

The Town of Grafton implemented the use of Poll Pads at the October 15, 2018 Town Meeting. 

The use of poll pads helps to accelerate the check-in process.  The use of computer tablets allows the checker to look the voter up in one of two ways, 1. By manually entering the first few letters of the voter’s first and last name; or 2. By scanning the bar code on the back of the voter’s driver’s license (which speeds the process further and is completely voluntary).

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not require that a voter present a license to check in.  However, presenting a license allows for a quicker check in.   The Poll Pad matches the name and birth date of the person on the voter list with the name and birth date it reads from the bar code on the back of the license.  No information from the scanned license is retained by the Poll Pad.

Also, the check in process is done by name and not by precinct as it has been done in the past.   Therefore, any voter can go to any check in person give their name and address and receive a hand held voting device as long as they are on the voter list. 

The Poll Pads immediately talk to one another which eliminates any chance of checking in more than once.


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