Town Clerk Fees

Fee Schedule- Town Clerk's Office

Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates) $10/Certified Copy

Abstract Copy of Birth, Death, Marriage Records $5

Entering a Delayed Record of Birth (Including Adoption & Out of Commonwealth) $15

Amendments to Correct Birth, Death or Marriage Records $15

Marriage Intentions $20

Marriage Intention Amendments $5 (per occurance)

Entering Certificates of Marriage Filed by Persons Married Out of the Commonwealth $15

Business Certificate (DBA- 4 years) $50

Business Certificate Amendment $25

Filing a Discontinuance, Retirement or Withdrawal from a Business $25

Additional Certified Copies of Discontinuance, Retirement or Withdrawal from a Business $10

Dog License:

Spay/Neutered $10

Intact $15

Late Fee $10 (per dog)

Kennel Fees:

Four Dogs or Less $30

Ten Dogs or Less $40

More Than Ten Dogs $50

List of Residents Book $10

Residency/Voter Verification Letter $5

Raffle Permit $10

For Recording Deed or Lot of Plot in a Public Burial Place or Cemetery $15

Pole Location Recording $50 flat rate, $3.50 additional for each street or way included in such order, $20 each additional street

For Filling a Copy of Written Instrument or Declaration of Trust by the Trustees of an Association or Trust, or any Amendment thereof $25

Burning Abstracts to Disc $2

Printing/Copying Documents (black and white only) $.05 per page

Faxing Documents $.20 per page (max fee $2)

Recording Any Other Documents Not Specifically Named Herein $20 1st Page, $2 Each Additional Page

Mailing of document(s) (letter size- up to 16 oz) *if self addressed stamped envelope is not provided* $1

Mailing of document(s) (large envelope- 16 oz or over) * if self addressed stamped envelope is not provided* $2