Notice of names of persons appearing to be owners of funds held by the Town of Grafton, and deemed abandoned

According to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 200A, Section 9A, checks issued by the Town of Grafton are void if not cashed within one year from the date of issue.

If your name is on the list below, please download and print a claim form (also attached below) and submit to the Treasurer/Collector’s Office for a replacement check.  Claim Forms must be submitted with all the information completed and an original signature. Electronic copies, photocopies and faxed copies will not be accepted.  Please bring a photo ID for identification with you, or enclose a copy of a photo ID if mailing.

OR BEFORE 8/16/2021

If you have any questions, please contact:

Grafton Treasurer/Collector’s Office
508-839-5339 x 1170

30 Providence Rd
Grafton, MA 01519

13 Centennial Realty LLC

Baldassarre,Gina A

Carlo Brescia

AA Transportation Co

Benchmark Office Systems Inc

Carrie-Ann Cadrin

ADC Auto Rental

Bernhard Winterling

Casey Clouthier

Agim Karkanjozi

Bose Corporation

Catherine Mak

Ajay Dubey

Bracero, Kathy

Charles Bodor

Alanna Patch

Brad Evan Harris

Charlotte Conlon

Alina Gainanova

Brendan Donohue

Charter Communications

American Girl Publishing Inc

Buchireddi Goli

Christopher Boilard

Amy West

C/W Mars Inc

Christopher Caron

Andrew Grady Boris

Calvin Kaczynski

Cierra Snyder

Aric Friend

Camp Out Inc

Claire Dixon

Ava Kopellas

Cara Hale

Clean Energy Collective

Avidia Bank

Carla Jackman

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Corey Hendrix Johnson

John Carrington

Peter Foley

Cumberland Farms Inc

John Cofske

Phoenix Recycling Inc

Cynthia Paquin

Jonathan Donohue

Poster Compliance Center

Daniel Matthew Fiske

Karyn McKeon

Robert Amyot

Dayse Conway

Kathlyn Laflamme

Robert Gagne

Dean Bennett

Kathryn Fidler

Robert Gervais

Deborah Howe

Kelley Moffett

Robert Gibson Jr.

Dennis Flynn

Kenneth Manlove

Robert Hassinger

Dennis Jonis

Kerry Cahill

Rollinson, Laura

Dustin Walsh

Kris Lee Charleston

Ronita Panda

Dylan Nephew

Krystal Long

Samuel Kopec

Elizabeth Gallaway

Lauren Flores-Walton

Sango, Stacie

Elizabeth Zwicker

Law Offices of Hornung and Scimone

Sarah Morin

Emily Edgcomb

Lena Joy Hodge

Sarah Nichols

Emily Graves

Logan Donohue

Scheuer, Lauren K

Emily Groccia

Lynne Turner

Shannon Cincotta

Erika Sullivan

Madeline Giese

Sheila Williams

Ethan Bagloe

Marie Malvey

Sindhu Potluri

Fujimura, Ken Masui

Mark Mandella

Srinivasa Tanigundala

G & L Plumbing Inc

Mass Association of Health Boards

Stephanie Anderson

Gallaway, Elizabeth

Mass Cemetery Association

Stephanie Martone

Gatehouse Media

Mass Municipal Management Association

Stephen Abraham

George Lettery

Matt Boris

Steven Robbins


Matthew Bazinet

Steven Teixeira

Gyneth Novia

Matthew Collette

Sung Hoon Kim

Holden Landmark Corporation

Matthew Firmin

Susan Connolly

Hornung and Scimone - Attorneys at Law

Maxwell Cruz

T-Mobile USA Inc

Irene Au

Mechanics Bliss Supply Co.

Tara Remillard

Ivy Canabucci

Melissa Mazan

Terri Schmidt

Jake Little

Michael Maley

Thomas Drake

James Cummings

Michael Owen

Toyota Motor Credit Corp

James Lankford

Michael Sizensky

Unisys Corporation

James Schofield

Millan-Eagleson, Heather


James Stoll

Mountain Ash Farm Garage

Vidya Jagannathan

Janet Edwards

New England Interstate Water Pollution

Vijaya Kattineni

Jayson Brooks

Nissan Infiniti LT

Vipul Jain

Jean Sudbey

Northeast Site Development LLC

Wayne Andrews

Jeane Ferro

Olivia Dungan

Wendy Reid

Jennifer Durost

Paul Massalski

Wesley Hutchinson

Jenny Andersen

PC-Plus Technologies, Inc.

Wheels LT

Jessica Mellow

Perkins School For the Blind

Zachary Livingston

Jocelyn Blessing

Raymond Clouthier III


Julie Ahmed-Jussaume

Rick Medeiros


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