Water - Grafton Water District

Please note: The Grafton Water District is not a Town of Grafton municipal department.  Contact information is provided for your convenience. 

The Grafton Water District (the District) supplies water to customers within the boundaries of the District located in Grafton, Massachusetts. The District primarily serves the central and north sections of town. The South Grafton Water District supplies the southerly portion of town. The sole purpose of the District is to supply water for domestic and fire fighting purposes. Currently the District has 4,129 water services that supply water to approximately 10,000 people.

A three-member board of water commissioners govern the District. The commissioners develop the policies of the District and may establish, change and amend the Rules and Regulations and policies at any duly posted meeting of the commissioners by a majority vote.       

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Matthew Pearson System Manager
Sharon Carroll-Tidman Office Manager